Storm Damage Restoration

Heavy rain, strong winds, and hail wreak havoc on homes and businesses. That's why Mountain Air Restoration should be your first call if you find your property damaged by Mother Nature. Our storm response team is standing by, 24/7, to provide expert, full-service storm damage restoration whenever you need us.

Storm Damage Restoration Experts in Central Oregon

What Should I Look For If I Think I Have Storm Damage

Puddles of water near the entrances and windows, shingles on the lawn, large branches or trees on your roof are all indications that your home or business has experienced storm damage and needs help. Heavy rainstorms can also overtax sump pump and drainage systems in your basement or crawl space, causing equipment failure and flooding. Some storm damage, however, may be more subtle, so it's important to make a full assessment, because any type of moisture intrusion will cause mold growth within 24-48 hours.

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After the Storm: Property Damage Tips

  • Safety First: Wet weather causes slippery conditions. Watch your step if you have any standing water or if you explore outside on slick pavement or stone walkways.
  • Avoid Electrocution: Even if your power is off due to the storm, avoid any areas of standing water that may be in contact with outlets or power cords.
  • Leave Roof Inspections to a Professional: If you know your roof was hit by hail, it's smart to hire a professional roofing contractor to climb up there and inspect the damage. They have the training and equipment needed to stay safe while making a thorough assessment.
  • Document the Damage: Before any cleanup starts, take plenty of photos of your property's storm-damaged areas to begin documenting your loss for your insurance company. Our storm response team will help you with that.
  • Lift furniture off of wet carpets if you can, or wrap the wooden legs in tin foil.

Storm Water is Not Clean Water – DIY Cleanup Not Advised

Rainwater is actually not classified as "clean," making it unsafe for a property owner to attempt water extraction and dryout on their own. Water from floods and runoff from roofs will often contain microbes and chemicals that require personal protective equipment (PPE) to handle.

Storm Damage Restoration in Central Oregon

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