Your foundation and your attic are hotspots for mold growth and water damage if not properly ventilated, insulated, and encapsulated. After a thorough cleaning, we'll make repairs that will last.

Crawl Space & Attic Repairs in Central Oregon

Attic Repairs

Crawl Space Repairs

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Attic Repairs

Attic Repairs

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Crawl Space Repairs in Central Oregon

Crawl Space Cleaning

Cleaning and remediation of crawlspace includes the following as necessary:

  • MOLD REMEDIATION OF SUBFLOOR BUILDING MATERIALS: Treat all visible growth with natural non-toxic protein / enzyme blend. Brush and scrub all areas of concern ensuring complete coverage of product. We will then encapsulate residual stains with a commercial grade anti-microbial primer/sealer that leaves a protective coating and seals stains while preventing future growth.
  • SOIL MOLD REMEDIATION: Treat all mold affected soil in crawlspace with a Natural Boron soil remediation process (apply Boron and rake into dirt).
  • VAPOR BARRIER, REPAIR OR REPLACE: Ensure coverage of all exposed dirt in crawl space with 6mil plastic visqueen sheeting (repair cuts and tears, install new where missing). Seams to be overlapped by 12" and up foundation walls 6".
  • DEBRIS REMOVAL: Remove all organic debris/trash and haul to dump.
  • SUBFLOOR INSULATION: Replace falling insulation, install new insulation where missing.
  • HVAC DUCTING: Re-hang ducting if it is contacting ground, re-connect any ducting that has become detached.

Crawlspace Encapsulating (12 mil Sealed Vapor Barrier)

Remove all debris and old vapor barrier. Install 12 mil, SilverBack (High Strength) Vapor Barrier overlapping seams by 4". Seams to be sealed using WaterProof Seam Tape. Vapor barrier to be attached and sealed against foundation walls using Foundation Seal Tape. Corners and edges to be secured to foundation wall with pins inserted into 1/4" pre-drilled holes. In areas of high moisture content, Premium Encapsulation Caulk to be used to seal vapor barrier to foundation wall as to prevent any detachment over time. When complete, this will effectively seal off all organic matter, dust, debris, gases, mold, etc. from the ground.

Foundation Vent Installation

Install 8X16 foundation vents with manual open/close cover to allow ventilation into crawlspace. Price per vent. Does not include painting labor. Other options for cutting in new foundation vents through the concrete foundation walls. Options will be discussed.

Foundation Vent Well Installation

Install vent wells around existing foundation vents to prevent water & soil intrusion into crawlspace. We will dig soil down approx 12" below vent. Then secure vent well to concrete using construction adhesive and concrete screws. Metal or plastic wells to be used (we will match existing if units are already present).

Crawl Space Drying

Mechanical Drying of subfloor building materials using professional restoration equipment including dehumidifiers, air movers, heating, ducting, and containment.

Crawl Space Hatch Insulating

Repair crawlspace hatch an insulate so that it fits in its space and can be removed and replaced easily. Install metal handle for easy access.

Pump Standing Water From Crawl Space

Pump water from crawlspace. Extract remaining water manually with a water extraction unit.

Dryer Vent Replacement / Repair

Repair dryer ducting. All ducting will be 4" rigid (non-ribbed) metal vent pipe, Joint will be fitted together to overlap at least 1" in the direction of air flow. Foil tape will be used to secure each joint with multiple wraps. Includes new exterior vent (If needed).

Dryer Duct Cleaning

Clean the 4" Ridged duct using a snake with a wire brush attachment and high powered vacuum

Attic Repairs in Central Oregon

Dome Vent Installation

Install dome (exhaust) vents near ridge of attic in order to increase ventilation in attic to meet current Oregon building code attic ventilation calculations. The process involves cutting a 9" opening in the roof sheeting and inserting a passive vent cover using roofing nails and roof sealant. Vent will match existing domes or roofing color. Price per unit

Bath Fan Routing

Route bath fan exhaust to the outside via its own dedicated roof vent. Install roof cap with one way flap valve and secure duct to fan and cap with zip ties. Insulated, reinforced, 4" flexible ducting will be utilized.

Soffit Vent Installation

Install soffit vents: Allows adequate air flow into eves (intake). Rectangular louvered vents to be used, typically 8x16. Galvanized metal.

Eave Vent Installation

Install eave vents as necessary based on current Oregon Residential Building codes. This will open up airflow (intake) to the attic space allowing hot air to escape. It also prevents insulation inside attic from restricting airflow. Proper eave venting assists in preventing mold and moisture related issues in the attic space. Price includes baffling along attic sheeting to ensure proper airflow/ventilation.

Eave Baffle Installation

Install baffles at each eave vent to prevent insulation from blocking air flow into the attic. Baffles will be either plastic, cardboard, or polyethylene foam depending upon installation conditions and sizing. Proper baffling of eave vents is critical to the proper function of the attic ventilation system. Price includes labor to knock out eave block inside of soffit if it is necessary.

Add / Replace Attic Insulation

Includes labor and materials to add blown in loose fill cellulose or fiberglass insulation to improve R factor to 49 (16.5 to 20 inches thick, depending upon insulation type). This will save energy and reduce costs by preventing heat loss, condensation, and moisture related issues.

Attic Drying

Work performed to mitigate water damage to roof and attic structure due to roof leak or condensation on the interior side of roof sheeting. Install professional restoration equipment including dehumidifiers, air movers, heating, ducting, and containment as necessary.

Insulate Attic Access Door

Install or secure batt insulation to the back of access hatch. Ensure the door has blocking to hold back insulation and foam weather stripping around hatch to ensure airtight seal.

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