Restoration & Reconstruction Services

Water Damage Restoration in Bend, OR

Water Damage Restoration

If you have experienced a water damage loss in your home, act fast because quick response is critical in limiting the damage. Call NOW! Get our 24/7 emergency response team headed in your direction.
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Mold Remediation Services in Bend, OR

Mold Remediation Services

When the home is affected by microbial growth / excessive airborne mold spores as determined through physical evaluation and testing. We will conduct an environmental clean-up and remediation of the entire home.
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Reconstruction in Bend, OR


Any remodel or re-construction job will have a fair share of challenges. We seek to keep the challenging situations to a minimum with frequent and honest communication.
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Repairs in Bend, OR


Your foundation and your attic are hotspots for mold growth if not properly ventilated, insulated, and encapsulated. After a thorough cleaning, we'll make repairs that will last.
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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Bend, OR

Crawl Space Encapsulation

One of the most effective ways to prevent mold growth is crawl space encapsulation. An encapsulated crawl space will maintain ideal moisture levels, while, at the same time, create an environment free of organic materials on which mold can feed.
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Evaluations and Mold Testing in Bend, OR

Evaluations and Mold Testing

Through air and surface sampling, we're able to identify opportunities to improve the quality of your indoor air. Contact us today for a Whole Home Health Checkup to discover the source and extent of your mold or lead contamination.
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Storm Damage Restoration in Bend, OR

Storm Damage Restoration

Heavy rain, strong winds, and hail wreak havoc on homes and businesses. Our storm response team is standing by, 24/7, to provide expert, full-service storm damage restoration whenever you need us.
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Failed Home Inspection in Bend, OR

Failed Home Inspection

Our team will help guide you through the next steps after a failed home inspection or when you already knew about the problem.
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Gutter Cleaning in Bend, OR

Gutter Cleaning

Mountain Air Restoration offers Klean Gutter MicroMesh technology to guard your gutters from leaves, sticks, snow, and more!
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We are committed to ongoing education and training to stay at the top of the restoration industry, holding several IICRC and NAHB certifications and licenses.

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We hold top-rated insurance policies so that, if there's ever an accident while on the job, the property owner isn't left holding the bill.

If you need damage restoration services, simply call our 24-hour emergency number.

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